and breathe – workshop

Let the Breath in. Let it out and wait. Until it goes in again by itself. – Ilse Middendorf

and breathe – workshop

Where: Kinetik Speicher, Schellerdamm 2a, 21079 Hamburg

When: Tue, April 9th, 6 – 8pm, 1 break. Please arrive a bit early so the group can start together.

Costs: Give what you want. € 5 would be greatly appreciated.

Being aware of our breath helps us to move, feel and communicate in an authentic way, all of which is helpful in everyday life as well as in a challenging rope scene.

Every breath is bodily movement and can be perceived as such. By becoming aware of our breath it will tell us what to do. Therefore we become our own teacher.

Our host Uli has working with his breath for more than 20 years as a professional actor. Find him as uli_ulysses on instagram and on fetlife.

No prerequisits needed, only the willingness to dedicate your attention to your breath and being aware of what it will demand from you.

Workshop will be held in German or English, whatever is preferred by the participants.

Hyggelig clothing is recommended.

Green Gorilla & fairydance back in Hamburg!

We are excited to welcome fairydance and Green Gorilla at Kinetik Speicher again for two intensive days of bondage workshops. After their visit in September for „Intense floorwork“ this is will be their second time teaching at Kinetik Speicher.

This time, Saturday will be open for all levels. On Sunday, fairydance and Green Gorilla will teach for intermediate to advanced level. We are looking forward a lot to more floorwork, improvisation and bodywork. Further information on the contents of both days will follow.

For all the workshop participants to play with their new skills and everyone else to join, there will also be a party open for all on Saturday night!

Save the date!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Kinetik Speicher

Edit: This workshop is suspended until further notice.

„Come on the yoga mat to feel, not to accomplish, move your focus to your senses, and your heart will grow.“

Focus. Acceptance. Self-perception.

Leas Yoga class is about focus, awareness, acceptance, self-perception, self-love and similar aspects. Aspects that are as important in Kinbaku. In a mix of flowing and powerful, dynamic movements, gentle stretching exercises and meditative parts, it’s all about getting to know your own limits, appreciating your own body and remembering the sounds of your mind.

Lea wants to create a space where everyone is is welcome – independently of their physical conditions or previous experience.

The class will create the opportunity to challenge yourself. But also a space for you to find serenity and peace.

Yoga, as Kinbaku can feel very differently on a individual level. „Freedom takes place in the mind and with the help of yoga we can move to where the most coherent concept of freedom awaits each one“. With this in mind, Lea wants to give up fixed concepts and dogmas to leave more space for inner experiences. Thus, this yoga class is designed as a spiritual exchange space, a place of concentration and silence, creative laughter and exuberance or even sadness and all other emotional experiences.

The Teacher:

Lea has just completed her yoga teacher training (Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa) in India.

After she was diagnosed with a spinal disc herniation in 2017, she focused entirely on yoga and is increasingly concerned about anatomy and prevention of injuries. She is also able to help with individual problems.

The Class:

Everyone can join in. „Too inflexible, too weak, too little stamina“ – all reasons to come, not to stay away.

  • The class was held weekly on Monday at 19:00 at Kinetik Speicher.
  • The class is Kinbaku/Shibari aware. Feel free to discuss related topics.
  • The class is open to all experience levels.
  • It takes place on a donation basis – everyone gives as much as they likes and can.
  • For time to arrive, get to know each other and ask questions the doors will be open from 18:30 for you.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat, a small towel and comfortable sportswear.

Start date was the 24th of September, 2018. (Check the Event page.) If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to

Class is paused at the moment!

Namasté and see you soon!

A Website!

The humble beginning…

We started Kinetik Speicher on the 29. Oktober 2017 with the first Sonntags Club. The famous Sonntags Club.

We did it every week on Sunday and in the end we felt that it this schedule is sustainable. So we decided to open up the space to more people and in the end going full public.

But to bridge the gap between private and public it now became necessary to build a proper website.

A few nervous break downs later it is now online but far from ready! Work in progress as Kinetik Speicher itself.

Welcome to the Neuland.