Kinetik Speicher


Kinetik translates into Kinetics, the study of motion and its causes, but also Kinesiology, the study of human biomechanical movement.


Speicher translates into warehouse, reservoir and loft but also into memory and storage.

But what is it?

First and foremost Kinetik Speicher is a work in progress.

Kinetik Speicher is a space dedicated to the exploration of contemporary art, movement, body, music, Eros and sexuality.

Be eager to express yourself and your creativity. Invite like-minded people to join you on your journey. Participate and create. Take a break from consumerist reality. Kinetik Speicher is what we make it. Us being the guests and participants that contribute to make every meeting or event unique.

Kinetik Speicher is a sex positive and most notably open space for all genders and sexualities. However you identify, where you come from or what your preferences are, you are welcome. There’s no room for discrimination of any kind at Kinetik Speicher. Just a lot of space for open minded people to explore their creativity.

The space is located in the harbour of Hamburg – an old warehouse. It offers up to 16 (18?) hard points on a floor space of 180 m² (1940 sq ft).

What we do?

We are hosting various events, including workshops, live drawing events, performances, exhibitions and parties, which might help you, maybe even guide you on your journey.

Our first recurring event is called Rope Mojo. On every Sunday we get together to share our love for bondage and rope. Here you can exchange thoughts and ideas with others and of course explore the world of bondage all in a relaxed and open atmosphere.


In kleines Corona Update – 2G+ und Corona-Warn-App!

Angesichts der steigenden Corona Fallzahlen haben wir uns entschlossen, dass ab jetzt auf allen Veranstaltungen ausschließlich 2G+ gilt. Also geimpft und tagesaktuell getestet. Außerdem ist ab jetzt die Corona-Warn-App zwingend nötig um eine Kontaktnachverfolgung zu gewährleisten. In view of the increasing number of Corona cases, we have decided to apply only 2G+ at all events …