Summer Solstice Jam!

As this is the longest Thursday of the year, we decided to make this a special jam. Summer solstice (Sommersonnenwende) is one day after. We will celebrate the light and the energy of the sun. We will choose some special music and light for this occasion. Also, we ask you to come in bright-coloured clothing to support the atmosphere. Spread the word!

The natural light is one of the things that make the room itself very special. Watching the sunset over the harbour from here after a rope session, tying in the light of the sun, feeling the warmth on your skin… Sunset is at 21:53. The nautical twilight remains until past midnight.

As always we want to keep a quiet environment so you’re invited to be careful about your conversations. We are imagining this place to be a space for everyone so we ask you to take care and respect other people playing without interfering. Don’t assume pronouns. Also please be nice and assume niceness, treat everyone here as a friend. Be responsible and respectful.

Now all that’s missing is you! Come over and join our Summer Solstice Rope Mojo.

To enter the space use the bell downstairs. The space is on the 3rd floor directly next to the the elevator. The door is ajar. Just push it open.

Accessibility: A few steps lead to the front door. There is an elevator. The space itself has no steps. There is lots of fresh air and room to move. If you need any help or have further questions, feel free to contact